The Swimming Pool

A real gem for the position and the view that you can see, the pool was built on a natural terrace, with astonishing views on the Tuscan hills.
The contact with nature will be the best way to relax, surrounded by the colours, reflections, sounds and smells of water and harmony of the surrounding olive groves.

In addition to giving pleasure and relief on hot summer days, the pool is open to become magnificent surroundings of cocktails, banquets, barbecues and exclusive concerts.


Vivi una Toscana che non c'è più...

The story of this villa is also the story of the Landi family that lives there by as many as nine generations. Old Medieval Tower House from the 1200, “ Il Leccio” was transformed by the Landi family in Villa in the eighteenth century, and used as a country residence where the family gathered during the summer. Become prosperous farm already during the nineteenth century with Emilio, and extended by the passion of his nephew Carlo, was finally converted into a beautiful country resort by his daughter, Maria Luisa.

The recent restoration has brought back the original splendor of the halls, almost all painted, making the atmosphere sophisticated but at the same time warm and  familiar. A restoration associated with the most modern technology that gives guests the opportunity to experience a piece of history with all the comforts of the present.

The passion and devotion that the owner has put in all these years, and has involved over time more family members ,made the hospitality at the Villa Il Leccio an experience rare to find, the result of a love for a property that belongs to the Landi family from 9 generations. Our desire is that you feel as if you were staying in the home of good friends where a competent, careful and discreet staff is always at your disposal to help you turn your holiday into a life-long memory.

The Park and Garden

Il Leccio is a true natural heritage that we jealously strive to preserve and where, for centuries, days are governed by the rythms of the seasons and its natural surroundings. The park of oak trees, the typical Italian garden with its fragrant roses and lavender, with the green lemon trees and its elegant hedges; the garden with its seasonal vegetables, fruits, and its fragrant herbs; hectares of olive groves and vineyards that are home to a protected area in which you can see and appreciate pheasants, squirrels, deer and owls that live undisturbed.